Batman: Arkham Knight on PC lacking key visuals effects from console version


Who needs graphics anyways?

Batman: Arkham Knight released yesterday to terrible Steam user reviews for frame rate issues, and now Eurogamer is reporting that the PC version is missing visuals found in the PS4 port:

Just as baffling is the fact PC lacks key visual effects seen on PS4 even at its top settings. Ambient occlusion is cut from the game, bokeh depth of field is noticeably dialed back, and the transparency layer used for raindrops is cut from all surfaces as well.

Likewise, rain doesn’t appear on Batman or the Batmobile as it does on PS4. The reflective, dewy sheen is missing across the city…

Remember when PC versions looked better than their console ports? Those were the days.

It gets worse – Batman: Arkham Knight on PC lacks console visual features[Eurogamer]