Batman: Arkham Knight returns to Steam Oct. 28


But does anyone still want it?

Batman: Arkham Knight will resurface on Steam next week, Warner Bros. announced today.

Four months after it was initially released (and was subsequently pulled the following day due to a mess of performance issues), the PC version will step up to the plate again on October 28.

Rocksteady and its “external PC development partner” have been working since late June to resolve the port’s many problems. In the interim, the studios have been working on patches, the latest of which has given Warner Bros. the confidence to sell the game once more.

To bring the PC version “fully up-to-date,” the re-release will feature content that has since come to consoles, including a photo mode and character skin. PC users that purchased the season pass will also now be able to access all the bonus content that has been released to date.

The consensus among Steam users seems to be this was the bare minimum Warner Bros. could have done — other than nothing — with many asking for some type of reparation for the turmoil.

It will be fascinating to see how much company feels it can charge for the game at this point.

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