Battleborn's 'Lootpocalypse' promises increased gear drops this weekend


Because that’s what it needs

A few weeks back, Gearbox increased the drop rate of legendary gear in Battleborn‘s campaign mode. This weekend, it’s cranking the dials even further in what it’s calling the “Lootpocalypse.” Not only will bosses be even more likely to drop legendary stuff through Monday, but non-boss major enemies will have a chance to drop rare and epic-level gear as well.

Those who mainly play in the competitive mode won’t be left totally out in the cold, as purchasable loot packs will drop in cost, most notably the faction-specific packs that can contain (relatively bland) skins and taunts.

It’s a nice gesture to those who are still playing, but I doubt it’ll be enough to draw new players in or bring any who abandoned it back. Player population is still the biggest problem facing Battleborn as a multiplayer-focused game right now; this will likely just be a few drops in the bucket toward alleviating that issue.

What may help is the introduction of the three new planned multiplayer maps, which Gearbox intends to show off later today during its Twitch stream.

Battleplan #10 7/14/16 []