Battlefield 1 gets a free map and a grenade crossbow this month


Shame I don’t usually play Support

You don’t need that pesky Premium Pass to claim Giant’s Shadow in Battlefield 1. The new multiplayer map, ever so briefly teased in this video, will be available to all as a free download on December 20, 2016. (And a week ahead, on December 13, for players who pre-ordered or own the Pass. Naturally.)

The map represents the Battle of the Selle, and I am already dreading its armored train. That said, there’s a new toy that’ll help shut the vile machine down: a grenade crossbow.

Support class players will be able to wield this “unique contraption” to “silently fire two grenades of either the Fragmentation or High Explosive variety.” I prefer the Medic role, but I’ll need to give that a go.

Giant’s Shadow [Battlefield]