Battlefield 1's spring update has some terrific additions


Invite 99 of your closest friends to your Platoon

As a Medic player in Battlefield 1, I’m all about today’s massive spring update.

Along with a wide-ranging list of other additions, tweaks, and fixes, there’s now a Medic ability to “spot” your deceased teammates so they visibly know you’re en route to revive them and that they shouldn’t necessarily force a respawn. Rushing to a body only for it to vanish at the last second is something every Medic player has experienced before, and this should help alleviate that awkward dance.

What else? Too much to reasonably sum up here, but a few other items did catch my attention, including: a Platoon system for organizing a group of like-minded players, the admin option to password-protect servers, one new weapon variant for each class, and faster-loading maps.

There’s also this gem: “Frontlines – Fixed issue where timer would not start. Longest game recorded was over 3.5 hours long.” I don’t know who these committed players were, but bless their hearts.

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