Battlefield 2042 will use bots to help fill up some multiplayer matches


Make some robot friends

The next Battlefield will boast some pretty big battles, and that means corralling a lot of players together. But in the situations where that’s not exactly possible, it looks like EA has some other measures it can employ, like bots.

Electronic Arts recently confirmed to The Verge that Battlefield 2042‘s “All-Out Warfare” modes, which can fit 128 players in a match on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, will use bots to keep those servers filled. Human players will take priority, but it will make use of up to 64 “AI soldiers” to fill up a game, including Conquest and Breakthrough modes.

It’s already been confirmed that you can play bot matches in the upcoming Battlefield, so using bots to fill multiplayer matches isn’t too big of a surprise. And honestly, I think this is a good call. Time zones and peak hours can have an effect on how many players are available, and Battlefield games can rise and fall in popularity.

I’d rather have some fun in a server with 63 humans and 64 bots than run around a map trying to find other players. EA says it will have more info soon about how the bots work, so we can look forward to that.