Battlefield 4 updated with 30 pages of patch notes in tow


Audiobook version uncomfirmed

Remember Battlefield 4? You know, the militaristic shooter with the disastrous launch over two years ago? DICE has been busy updating the game and adding new maps, but this is the first time the patch notes have only been released in a PDF, and for good reason: they are 30 pages long.

You read that right, thirty fuckingpages. I didn’t realize video game patches came with reading homework these days.

Just from skimming the lengthy patch notes, it looks like basically everything imaginable was tweaked in some way, from guns to vehicles to gametypes, and the update also adds the Operation Outbreak map that was created alongside community feedback. So if you’re aBattlefield4player, look out for the fresh coat of paint the next time you launch the game.

The world’s longest patch notes? [EA]