Battlefield Hardline on PC gets a 40% price cut on Origin


40 days old = 40% Off?

Welp. Raise your hand if you saw this coming. Battlefield Hardlineis now on sale for the PC. For a big o’ 40% off. That’s actually quite a bit for a game released just a little over a month ago.

Until this Friday, you’ll be able to take $24 off the base game, or $28 off the Deluxe version of the game. Strangely the pricey Ultimate version of the game is only discounted by 23% off:

These are all time lows for the PC digital version and the first discounts Origin has ever offered. The deals will run through Sunday, April 26 at 7 PM Pacific.

Standard vs. Digital Deluxe vs. Ultimate Editions

What’s the difference between each of the versions? Here’s a quick breakdown:

The Digital Deluxe Edition of the game gets you three gold backpacks, a versatility battlepack, a precision battlepack, a suppression battlepack, and a veterans battlepack. Whether or not that’s worth another $6 depends on you (answer: probably not).

For those who want the FULL Battlefield Hardline experience, the Ultimate Edition is probably the way to go given it also includes all the Premium content (including everything in Deluxe).

Problem with the Ultimate Edition is that the discount is a mere 23% off… so you’re not really saving much money when compared to the other editions. Best bet is still stick with the base edition and wait for the Premium content/membership to drop down in price.

Who knows, maybe it’ll happen 40 days from now?