Battlefield V will launch with these eight maps


Is that enough for you?

We already know that Battlefield V‘s battle royale mode Firestorm won’t be out until March 2019, but what maps will the game come with? EA has shared footage of all eight launch maps set for Nov. 20.

The core map offerings will span North Africa, France, Holland, and Norway.

Battlefield V beta testers should be well acquainted with the frigid Narvik and the bridge-filled Rotterdam by now. There’s also the mountain peak of Fjell 652, the torn-apart Devastation and Twisted Steel, and the scenic fields of Arras. The list closes out with Hamada and my personal favorite, Aerodrome. The FPS genre has a history of great airport hangar maps, so I’m expecting a lot here.

The eight launch maps for Battlefield V

DICE is preparing another map, the Belgium-set Panzerstorm, for after launch. It’s all-out tank warfare. The studio says it’s the “biggest ever” tank map yet with seven vehicle slots allocated for each team.

To see the full map lineup, take a peek at the gallery below. Eight might not sound like a lot — and really, it isn’t — but it’s close to Battlefield 1, which released with nine maps. As long as they’re good, I’m good.