Battlefield V won't have loot boxes or a season pass, but apparently has two forms of currency


Allegedly for cosmetic use

Earlier this week we learned about the existence of Battlefield V, its setting during World War II, and that it will not implement a season pass scheme or loot boxes. Yet, immediately after EA clarified that it will be using multiple forms of currency, one of which is available for real life cash.

It’s not going to get quite as out of hand as Battlefront 2in theory, as EA confirms that it’s for use on cosmetic-only items — not game-changing heroes that directly impact the flow of combat, also known as “pay-to-win.” Again, loot boxes are out, so it seems like these will be available directly for purchase without gambling on what you’re getting. With the added barrier of the funny money scheme of course.

This is basically the League of Legendsmodel as far as cosmetics go. If they’re going to sell the occasional amazing looking skin (Star Warscrossovers?) that everyone wants for $10, it’s going to be predatory, but it’s something I can deal with if all of the game’s DLC and add-ons are free. We’ll see if they follow through come October.

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