Bayonetta PC deals are up to 15% off


Kick-in some savings

Update: Best deal is now 19% off at Bundle Stars. See deals below.

Bayonetta in 4K anyone? After teasing the notion of a PC release last week, today PlatinumGames stealthily launched the game on Steam. There, you’ll current find the Bayonetta Digital Deluxe Edition available for $19.99 as a special promotion (after April 26 the $19.99 price applies to the Standard Edition, which will become available). For gamers interested in the title, we’ve found the best deal on Bayonetta and it’s currently priced at $16.14at Bundle Stars.

Bayonetta Release Week Deals

Note: Prices above are for the current Bayonetta Digital Deluxe Edition, which runs until April 26 at 6PM GMT.

The cheapest place to buyBayonettais at GamesPlanet. At the digital retailer, the price is £13.49, which is a 10% discount off the UK RRP of£14.99. They key isn’t region restricted to North America though, so after favorable currency conversion you are looking at about $16.85 for a copy of the game. The issue with GP is that if you are buying in the US you may be subject to a currency conversion fee, which might cost an extra dollar.

The alternative we might recommend, and arguably a better deal, is over at DLGamer, were you won’t need to deal with currency conversion. The price is pennies higher at $16.99. Both DLGamer and GamesPlanet are authorized Sega distributors and you’ll receive your key instantly after purchase.

GamesPlanet’s key can be bought worldwide, but we should note it won’t activate in few countries. The key will not activate in South America, most of Asia (Australia and New Zealand are fine though), and Russia. DLGamer’s key can be activated world wide except South America.