Beautiful infographic charts all of Valve's voice actors


Mmm, that design sense

I’m a sucker for a good infographic. You can take something ordinary and uninteresting, like a list of all 50 actors who have provided voice work for Valve’s 174 characters, and make something magical. It becomes an adventure, tracing lines to character nodes piercing color-coded concentric circles.

I’m a nerd. Hopefully you’ll get half of the enjoyment out of Michael Godlewski’s infographic that I did. Also, check out Nolan North’s thread. I know a lot of you are sick of his ubiquity when he does the “Drake” voice — or whomever you associate the default “Nolan North voice” to — but he’s got fabulous range that gets swept under the rug in light of such irritation. I like his Arkham CityPenguin a lot. Also, look, Louis Gossett Jr. in Half-Life 2!

An Amazingly Detailed, Helpful Guide To Every Valve Voice-Actor [Kotaku]