Beautiful survival-sim The Long Dark moves 250,000 copies in Early Access


Next month’s update doubles the size

Dang, I need this game.

Early Access continues to be a boon for open-world survival simulators, even unwavering artsy ones. It’s a ways from DayZ‘s two million(a year ago) or Rust‘s half a million in a month, but still impressive that after four months of availability on Early Access,The Long Darkhas coaxed 258,251 paying players.

Good on ’em. And good on the 25% of players who have managed to survive five days. The next update is doubling the size of the sandbox (the story mode comes when it hits a full release).

“Our goal with The Long Dark was to create a very different type of experience – an artistic survival game – and we were prepared for the game to be quite niche as a result,” creative director Raphael Van Lierop said in a press release. “Thinking that a quarter of a million people have embraced our vision, even in this early state – something we’ve put forward without compromise – is extremely rewarding. And we’re just getting started.”