Before Mario 35 is allegedly nuked from existence, it's getting another limited event


February 12-15

Super Mario Bros 35 just got an event that involved murdering Bowser millions of times, and now it’s getting something else.

The 35th anniversary Twitter account has confirmed the existence of a coin-based event, which involves a “fixed course order,” from W1-1 to W8-4, which will also involve the same warp pipes as the classic version. The contest will run from February 12 through February 15.

Also don’t forget that the game is set to be nuked from existence on March 31, 2021, along with a few other Mariotitles. Will Nintendo have a Jump Rope Challenge-esque change of heart? Well, it depends on what the bean counters say!

I do know that if they keep crying wolf like this on “limited time” digital games (ha, what a concept) and keep pulling the rug out, it probably won’t look great the next time they announce an initiative like this.

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