Behold Persona 5's full anime opening


Plus news about the anime series

Persona 5 isn’t too far off if you’re the importing type, and Atlus has opted to give the hype machine another rev by releasing the game’s intro today. Animated by Ghost in the Shellproducers Production I.G., the intro features all the characters revealed so far (save for a certain young detective), as well as revealing more lyrics from the game’s theme song.

It looks great, but I’m ever so slightly bummed that Sakura, Haru, and Makoto don’t get much screen time in the sequence. Other Persona titles were a little better at hiding who the “main” characters of the story were, y’know?

As for new information about the game, there’s not much in the intro that I didn’t already touch on in my last trailer breakdown or that Atlus USA didn’t confirm elsewhere, but it’s cool to have the whole sequence available from an official source. The Persona 5website did, however, debut a handful of new character trailers for the game’s “Co-op” feature, (which I’ll get to translating soon-ish), as well as announcing a September 3rd debut for Persona 5: The Day Breakers, an animated prologue whose details will tie into parts of the game proper.

And that’s that, so far. If you’re jonesing for more Persona and have an hour to kill, I’ve taken the liberty of putting compilations of the extantPersona intros below, courtesy of Youtube users TheEryk24and KillScottKill.

Note: Watch the whole first embed and skip to about 10:35 of the second embed to watch all the game intros.