Beloved portable rhythm game Patapon 2 is coming to PS4 this week


A blast from 2008

I haven’t thought about Pataponin a while.

Not because of the quality of the series, mind! It’s just that digging up my PSP to get a few rounds in can be a chore, especially when my Vita and 3DS are pre-loaded with a ton of portable classics out of the gate. Well, it’s going to be a lot easier to get back into the sequel this week.

As was previously hinted, Patapon 2will arrive on the PS4 this very week on January 30. For the uninitiated, Pataponis a lovely little rhythm series that allows players to take control of a cute and deadly army as they march across levels and take down enemies. It was pretty much universally hailed as one of the leading portable rhythm games at the time, and still holds up rather well.

The first Pataponhit PS4 in August of 2017, so you have that to look forward to if you’re coming in blind.