Best dad ever makes his daughter a custom Zelda present


I have so many ideas for one myself

J. R. R. Tolkien famously wrote his kids a series of Christmas Letters, telling the story of a far away land inhabited by Santa and a hilarious creature called “the North Polar Bear.” He also completely one-upped pretty much every parent thus far in history in the process, and has probably held the crown since.

I can only hope to be a fraction of the parent he was, but reddit user Tg8402 is making a good case. Shared on the Zelda subreddit, they had a custom piece made for their daughter: a jewelry box with the famous “It’s dangerous to go alone…take this!” quote emblazoned on it, complete with a Master Sword necklace inside. I mean the box would have been sufficient, but they had to go that extra mile: an inspiration for us all.

Tg8402 says their daughter “fell in love” with Zelda when she was six after being introduced to it and spent “hours upon hours” playing Breath of the Wild. This gift is apparently a graduation present. It isn’t the weekend, but this feel-good story should last you through it.

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