Best Xbox One S and PS4 system bundle deals for Christmas


Jolly good deals

The dog-eat-dog Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are over, but not all console discounts are finished. Xbox One and PS4 deals still exist in this week of limbo between the last ramp up to Christmas as we’re less than two weeks away from the holiday cheers.

The best of the bunch for the Xbone is at the Microsoft Store, where you’ll find the system packaged with a bonus free game of your choice from a handful of Ubisoft selections. They’re not titles to write home about, but they are free so you may as well take ’em. Matching Sony, all Xbox One S units are discounted by $50 for the duration till Xmas. (This deal is also offered at many other retailers such as Dell, Amazon, Best Buy, et al., but minus the free game option from Microsoft Store.)

On the PS4 side of deals you’ll find some lighter fare — with all retailers offering a $50 discount until December 24 — but nothing amazing thus far in terms of bonuses now that we’re fully into the second week of December. Having said that, GameStop is offering some nice bonuses if you pick up a PS4 from them vs elsewhere, as they’ll toss in a $25 gift card bonus on either the regular PS4 Slim, or the splashy PS4 Slim 1TB Final Fantasy XV bundle.

    Xbox One S Christmas Deals

    PlayStation 4 Slim Christmas Deals

    Both retailers will ship in time for Christmas, though we still highly recommend you double check the estimated delivery during checkout.