Bethesda confirms that Panic Button will return to handle the new Wolfenstein game on Switch


Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Although we found out about Wolfenstein: Youngblood a while ago, just this week Bethesda dropped some new knowledge on us on what to expect from this not-fully-retail-priced-project.

It’ll arrive on July 26 for $30 base ($40 deluxe): if you opt for the deluxe edition you’ll net a buddy pass that lets them play the full game for free with you. The pass apparently allows you to invite one friend at a time with an unlimited amount of uses. That info is all well and good, but naturally a lot of folks are wondering if Panic Button will return to handle the Switch port after their celebrated work on Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus,and the answer is yes.

Tucked away on the official FAQ is a confirmation that Panic Button is coming back, a smart move given how poorly a lot of other publishers have handled Switch port visibility. Panic Button has been busy, netting Switch contracts left and right with the aforementioned Wolfenstein work in addition to the recent Doom, Warframe, Subnautica and even Doom Eternal.

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