Bethesda details why Fallout 76 isn't coming to Switch, though 'next Wolfenstein' is


Spoon’s too big

Bethesda has a complicated history with the Switch and it isn’t going to get any easier as the company moves toward more AAA games. Speaking at PAX Australia, Bethesda boss Pete Hines promisingly hinted that “the next Wolfenstein” would arrive on Switch (which is likely Youngblood given that it’s an extension of Wolfenstein II), but Fallout 76 never will.

“It wasn’t doable,” Hines said, before throwing in the caveat that studios get to decide which games are ported to which system. Hines notes that the Switch is still “a viable platform,” and that “there is no [potential Switch] game in development that we haven’t had a conversation about.”

These limitations haven’t stopped Bethesda from porting less demanding games like age-old ports over, or even recent shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein II. It seems like it’s give and take, but open world joints are right out. That doesn’t look good for the next Elder Scrolls, which may or may not even arrive until the next console generation: who knows what Nintendo will be doing then.

Fallout 76 For Nintendo Switch “Wasn’t Doable,” But Bethesda Still Loves The System [GameSpot]