Bethesda finally pulls back the curtain a bit on Fallout 76's much-needed NPC update


Wastelanders is still coming in 2020

Finally! We’re starting to see some real progress with Fallout 76‘s upcoming free Wastelanders NPC update beyond a doctored-up conference video.

Bethesda’s new Inside the Vault blog update gives us a taste of Wastelanders by way of “Duchess and Mort,” two NPCs that will cross your path “early on.” Bethesda says there’s going to be a “new starter experience” (so a real Fallout?), who will actually guide you along in your journey. As was previously seen, Ghoul NPCs (Mort) are confirmed.

They’re not just out in the wild too, as a bar is shown off (The Wayward), who you can barter with. Cleverly, Bethesda spins this as “people have begun to return” to the area to give a story reason for these fixes. The NPC mechanic seems comprehensive, with the team noting: “You will not only encounter new faces during the main story, but throughout the game in new encounters, in combat, encampments, and even as they go about their daily lives.”

Look, as I’ve said time and time again: this won’t magically make up for the disastrous launch. I will never forget it, and when Fallout 5, 6and 7roll out I’ll probably rib them for it. But for people who already bought the busted 76, getting a free update that potentially makes it fun to play solo isn’t a bad thing.

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