Bethesda gives us a taste of upcoming multiplayer Fallout 76 quality of life updates


One Wasteland

Bethesda teased the “One Wasteland” update for Fallout 76recently, but this week they’re going all-out on telling us what it exactly entails.

In short? The aim is to improve open world gameplay through various tweaks. Aim is the operative word here, as we all know that Fallout 76patches are not known for their consistency. Digging into it, One Wasteland is going to bring level-scaling to Fallout 76so the game feels more approachable on multiple levels.

In groups, enemies will dynamically scale with players of different levels. The example Bethesda gives is a level 300 character playing with another who is level 30. The former will see stronger enemies while the latter will see a weaker one: but they’ll still be the same enemy character model for visual parity.

There’s a lot that can go wrong here, but I’m hopeful that partying will be much more enticing overall, as picking up the game dirt cheap and playing with a friend can at least provide solace for a rainy-day weekend. The philosophy of allowing new players to pick up the game and do higher-end content is extremely promising, as you don’t need to “grind to get to the good stuff.” In theory.

You can test the system out in the PTS now, and I suggest some of you do so if you’re still into this game: the kinks should all be caught before this goes live! As a reminder, you can access the PTS at any time so long as you have the game via the Bethesda launcher.

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