Bethesda is going to use private test servers to improve Fallout 76 more often


Good idea

Before the gigantic free Wastelanders update forFallout 76, Bethesda solicited the help of its community by way of a private test server (PTS).

It was a great move, and probably would have helped if Bethesda had done this way earlier in Fallout 76‘s lifecycle, but the damage from the half-baked launch is in the past (but not forgotten), and now the company is trying to move the game forward. That means more private test server…tests.

According to the most recent Inside the Vault blog post, the company will be using the system “for many more patches going forward.” And it’s not just an empty promise, as the PTS is opening back up as soon as April 30, which will inform the next big May update. Bethesda notes that this will result in “a couple of weeks of play testing time,” which should help with bug reports. If anyone hasn’t been following Fallout 76, new bugs pretty much arrive with every new patch, so this, in theory, should considerably improve patch rollouts.

Note, however, that the PTS is still NDA-bound, so don’t expect a ton of info to come your way early. If you still want in, Bethesda is going to re-open signups in the near future with a new “wave of invites.” Those are arriving in the “coming days,” likely on this very page. If you were already in, you’re in for the future rounds.

Good luck!

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