Bethesda's Todd Howard: Elder Scrolls 6 will release after Starfield


‘Elder Scrolls 6 is going to have to wait a little bit’

Bethesda is often secretive and bides their time when they work on lengthier open world experiences. Most of the time, it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. But in the case of both Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI, they really seem to want to get it right and return to the glory days of Skyrim‘s launch: a wave they’re still riding to this day.

Speaking to IGN, Todd Howard feels like it’s sci-fi’s time to shine. RememberStarfield, the game that was teased with little to not footage at E3 2018? Howard says that “this is the time” to really pull the trigger on it, and confirms that it will be coming before Elder Scrolls VI, the other game that was teased with little to no footage at E3 2018. Howard says that they’re pulling out the big guns for Elder Scrolls VI though, noting that “every Bethesda Games Studio” will probably be involved with the project.

What else does Bethesda have on the docket? Well they just shipped Rage 2 from Avalanche Studios, and are working on Wolfenstein VR (Cyberpilot) with MachineGames, as well as Quake Champions and Doom Eternal with id Software. Wolfenstein III is also expected at some point, and we may get more reveals this Sunday during their E3 press conference.

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