Beware of Super Smash Bros. secret character spoilers (update)


3DS game in hands in Japan, all characters unlocked

I remember some of voi got all upset when we (okay, me) posted pictures of the final evolution of the newPokemon starters. The unlockable Smash Bros.characters are probably an even bigger “spoiler,” then.So, hey, here’s a heads up from your pal, Steven.

A lot of people in Japan got their hands on the game. Some people are streaming it(some at insane volumes that blew out my headphones and my head, which still feels not so great). Some people have started unlocking characters.

I’m going to SPOIL some of them now for people who don’t care, but I’ll gently insert them into arbitrary words so you don’t accidentally catch a glimpse. Let’s try. Have you ever had weird discharge from your peNess, Falcor noticed Dark/Black Pits growing around the glans? Well, that Duck don’t Hunt, Dog, if you know what I’m saying?

I didn’t really try too hard with that last one, sorry.


[Update:it looks like that leak was correct. Due to streaming confirmation,the full rosterhas been revealed. This was cemented by a “congratulations on unlocking them all”message. A new boss on higher difficulties called Master Core is confirmed, as isDuck Hunt’s Final Smash, and anew stagebased on theEarthbound/Motherfranchise. The differences between Dr. Mario and Mario have also come to light.]