Beware: Pokemon Legends has widely leaked (Update)


It made it to Twitter

[Update: It looks like a good amount of folks have gotten their hands on both leaked and legitimate copies of Legends, and are widely streaming it now too. Dot Esports is reporting that the full game has been openly streamed on Twitch, under the Legends category. So keep an eye out if you’re on the platform this week and want to avoid Pokemon Legends leaks!]

If you’re not keen on seeing Pokemon Legends leaks a full week and change before the release date, take caution on various sites.

The main site to be wary of: Twitter! Pokemon Legends Arceus leaked earlier this week, and it seems like the entire game is on display. That includes screens, information, Pokemon names, mechanics, everything. There’s even some early copies being openly distributed in certain parts of the world, according to several reports on Twitter. Multiple Pokemon communities (including the main Reddit) have been warning people about the leaks to spread the word. Again, the game isn’t scheduled to arrive until January 28, so it’s going to be a while until you’re actually able to sit down with it.

The recent videos and these leaks have created a whirlwind of a discourse, wondering whether or not this wild swing with the Legends line is actually going to be good. While a lot of folks enjoyed Sword and Shield, there’s an apparent fatigue with the franchise, brought about by the game’s visual style and performance, as well as the Pokedex debacle.

Maybe part of it is just a ton of time passing, and various age groups falling out of love with the series. But having seen Sword and Shield‘s flaws up close, I think I can speak for tons of fans when I say that Game Freak really needs to look at how they want to proceed following the reaction to this new entry. The Pokemon Legends leaks are allowing that conversation to start a little early.