Bill Gates loved the Gears of War chainsaw gun


And other cool facts from Did You Know Gaming

Gears of War 4is out soon and getting rave reviews across the internet. I haven’t played it yet, nor do I own a system that would allow me to do so, but I do have extremely fond memories of making my way through the first Gears of Warback on the Xbox 360. My roommate in college had the system (I had the Wii) and over the course of two weeks between classes we conquered the shit out of that game.

Turns out, things could have ended up much differently, according to Did You Know Gaming’s coverage of the groundbreaking title. If not for the developer fighting against it, we might have had a love story forced on us, and probably not the Dom/Marcus imaginary romance that inspired volumes of highly erotic and entirely unreadable fan fiction.

Good job Cliff and company for sticking to your guns. Specifically, your chainsaw guns!