Bill Nye tinkering with Nintendo Labo is enough to warm your heart


Bill Nye the Labo guy

Today marks the release of Nintendo’s Labo papercraft kits. Obviously the only celebrity endorsement you need for such a thing is Bill Nye The Science Guy, so Nintendo cooked up a short video with the ’90s legend getting his science on. I never put two and two together in realizing Labo was a form of scientific ingenuity, but at least we can now watch nearly five minutes of Bill acting like a kid.

Maybe it is all the nostalgia from the ’90s, but I really love watching Bill Nye tinker around with stuff. I also miss “The Universe of Energy” from Disney World, which featured both Bill Nye and Ellen DeGeneres. Can we get a sequel to that?

Nintendo Labo feat. Bill Nye – Make, Play and Discover [Nintendo via YouTube]