Binding of Isaac updates and a Bumbo tease


Yeah, tease that Bumbo

I’m both excited and terrified for Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+. I mean, more Isaac is always a good thing, but I’m STILL trying to collect all of the items and secrets that were included in the vanilla Afterbirth expansion. Creator Edmund McMillen updated the Isaac blog yesterday with some more details on the anticipated/dreaded expansion.

There are already 55 new items ready for the expansion, and just like last time, he’s also welcoming user submitted ideas. You can add yours to a reddit thread so long as you follow a few general guidelines, namely “be interesting, don’t be stupid.” Fair enough.

Continuing the good news, Afterbirth should be on its way to consoles soon. The game has been submitted and is just waiting for approval. Soon, everyone will share my pain.

McMillen ended the post with a cryptic tease of the upcoming Bumbo, an RPG that isn’t exactly an RPG. He describes it as“poop based punching sim.” Maybe I’m a broken individual, but that sounds like a pretty good time.

TIME AGAIN! [Binding of Isaac]