Biomutant got in on Star Wars Day with a gorgeous 'May the Furth' trailer


Kung-Fu epic finally arrives May 25

Experiment 101’s anthropomorphic adventure Biomutant is almost with us, after years of quiet contemplation and fervored development. As part of its final marketing furlong, publisher THQ Nordic dropped a brand new trailer yesterday, May 4, known in some corners as “Star Wars Day.”

The smartly produced, heartfelt trailer is a pastiche of the previews for the recent Star Wars films, and sees Biomutant’s lead mammalian getting their Jedi on. It’s actually a really gorgeous short movie, and goes some way to spotlighting Biomutant’s beautiful worlds and creatures, cleverly combining the Star Wars pastiche with a neat showcase for the game itself.

Just don’t look too closely at their… erm… “lightsaber”

Released on PS4, PC, and Xbox One May 25, Biomutant will see the player’s ever-evolving hero journey far and wide on a quest to restore the Tree of Life, which is having its lifeforce drained at the roots by a mysterious plague. Biomutant‘s DNA-based gameply will allow players to alter the hero’s skills, abilities, weapons, and fighting styles at will, fine-tuning the wanderer for each and every environment. It’s certainly an intriguing title with an interesting premise, and hopefully this quiet promise will pay off come launch day, delivering one of the sleeper hits of 2021.