BioShock 1 and 2 are a bit smoother using backward compatibility


Seems promising

Backward compatibility on Xbox One often turns out to be the best way to experience 360 titles. Any form of screen tearing is removed and framerates tend to be more consistent throughout. There are definitely some notable exceptions to that (Halo: Reach required a patch before running correctly), but the improved playability in most titles is a nice bonus for anyone with older discs laying around.

Since the BioShock trilogy was made available through backward compatibility this week, naturally tests were going to be run to see how much better the performance would be over the original hardware.

I honestly forgot that BioShock on 360 had the ability to uncap the framerate, but I played the game back in 2010 and haven’t touched a console version of the series since. I don’t remember being too irritated with the 30 FPS lock, but it looks like anyone playing this on Xbox One should expect to see a fairly consistent experience with the uncapped option.

BioShock 2 doesn’t fare nearly as well in Digital Foundry’s testing, but locking the framerate to 30 isn’t the worst thing in the world. For that matter, at least the art direction isn’t altered. The sound quality is also a lot higher than in the remastered collection, not to mention you can still experience the multiplayer (though do you really want to?).

While BioShock Infinite wasn’t tested, I think it is safe to assume that the game is a lot more consistent on Xbox One than it ever was on 360. Even if that version looks dramatically worse than the remaster, not having to double dip just to replay a game on newer hardware is a huge boon. I’m fine with lesser quality if the experience is smooth.

BioShock 1/2 Xbox One Back-Compat: 60fps Gameplay? [YouTube]