BioWare store celebrates N7 day with new gear and a 20% discount


Galaxy saving PJs

Remember when BioWare declared November the 7th a worldwide celebration of all things Mass Effect? Yeah, me neither. This year however, it might be worth paying attention to the faux-holiday. To hype up the event, the BioWare Store is having a store-wide sale offering 20% off many of their items, just in time for Christmas.

This week will also see the release of several new articles of Mass Effect branded clothes. The new N7 gear will include some red striped sneakers, a necklace replica of a Mass Relay, a reversible Paragon/Renegade hoodie, a whole new line of women’s N7 gear including sweaters, cardigans, and leggings, and last but certainly not least, an N7 fleece onesie.

I’d like to think the best part of being a galaxy saving Spectre is being issued premium pajamas branded with your special operations tag. Who wouldn’t want to unwind after a long day of shooting Geth and wrestling Krogans by snuggling up in some PJs and watching some space-Netflix?

Check out the gallery below for a peek at some of the new items that will be hitting the store this week.