Black Desert Online gets a second beta and a standalone character creator


Character creator out now, beta Feb 18

Did you miss Black Desert Online’s first English-language beta test? If so, I have some good news for you, as Daum Games has announced that a second and final beta test will be kicking off February 18.

For those who’ve already pre-ordered the Explorer’s or Conqueror’s packages, you will already be given access to the test. Otherwise, sign-ups will open up early next month. More information, such as how long it will last and what changes have been made since the first test, will be announced closer to the time.

One of the big selling points of Black Desert is its ridiculously detailed character creator. Your character can almost be modelled like clay, with everything from the size of your left earlobe to the shininess of your forehead able to be tweaked and twisted.

Last time I wrote about Black Desert, there were a few comments wishing that a standalone version of the character creator would be released, and so Daum Games has done just that.

A free, standalone version of the character creator can be downloaded from the Black Desert website, and any character you make in it can be imported into the game itself if you happen to get attached to any of your creations.

In my preview, I said that Black Desert has a lot of potential. Its gorgeous visuals and solid combat were marred by the sometimes annoyingly fiddly character creator and quests which devolved into simply going to a place and killing X amount of Y. I really hope this second beta shows some improvement because it could be an incredibly fun MMO if they pull it off.