Black Desert Online weighs in on the Overwatch controversy with its own butt pose


Kinda sorta April Fools

Hah, butts.

Black Desert Onlinehas decided to weigh in on the recent Overwatchdiscussion by adding in some butts of their own — a new PVP animation that’s an obvious riff on the removed Tracer pose. This is being teased as a “first series of butt pose animations” that will be added next week. We’ve reached out to see if these are actually real, because they’ve mixed in a bunch of factual information with this announcement, so anything is possible.

In fact, this is partially just an excuse to promote the actual real Mediah expansion, which just recently went live and increased the world’s size by 30%.

Can they increase butt sizes by 30% though? If we can get an enhanced butt slider we’d have two controversies in one, which is double the “fun.”