Black Friday deal for Civilization VI is 27% off for digital copies


Well, when you put it that way Gandhi

Here’s an offer you can’t refuse, and it isn’t because Gandhi’s forces are just chilling at the border. You know, relocating his forces. No big deal.

One of the best Civilization VI deals for the Black Friday season has just appeared on Green Man Gaming. If you don’t want to wait for GameStop’s Black Friday deal of $40 (plus tax), this is as good as it gets without having to deal with an out-of-stock notice.

The 27% off discount spans the Digital Deluxe Edition too, which is technically at 28% off now that it’s been dropped to $57.59. If you’re a die-hard Civ VI fan, the extra content/map from the Deluxe isn’t a bad deal either.

Black Friday Deals for Civilization VI

Prices above now updated to new round of Winter Sale deals.

As a side note, besides GameStop’s deal, there is also a Best Buy deal of $45 on Black Friday. If you have GCU, you should definitely consider waiting for Best Buy’s deal as that’ll tack on another 20% off.

This deal is set to expire on November 29, but we’ve seen digital titles “sell out” before (at their sales price) and at times publishers may intervene and end a sale early too, so apologies in advance if you’re reading this days later and missed the deals.

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