Black Manta looks like a righteous addition to Injustice 2


Hey Aquaman, how’s the wife and kid?

Maybe it’s his costume, maybe it’s his awesome laser eyes or maybe it’s because his origin story is incredibly sad, but I’ve always liked Black Manta even if I’m not the biggest fan of Aquaman. The first Injusticewas severely lacking on heroes and villains from the big blue, so when it was confirmed fishboy’s arch nemesiswould be part of Injustice 2, I really started to pay attention.

Earlier tonight, we got our first look at his move set and I can tell he’ll be part of my regular rotation once I actually buy the game.

That is one tricky bastard and I am loving that exit. Black Manta will be available next month as the first character from the second Injustice 2 fighter pack.