Black Mesa's Xen level looks so dang good


Long time coming

Valve is never making another Half-Lifegame. Okay? We’ve all come to terms with that, right? So, here’s the next best thing.

In honor of Half-Life‘s 20th anniversary,Black Mesadeveloper Crowbar Collective has released the first ever video of the Xen chapters. It looks pretty fantastic! The original Half-Lifedidn’t really spend much time on Xen, so this will hopefully be a proper visit.

This fabled alien universe is getting closer. Crowbar Collective says that the Xen chapters should release sometime in the second quarter of 2019. Granted, don’t bet the farm on that happening. Xen has been oft delayed in the past, and it wouldn’t be unexpected for another delay to pop up.

But it’s all out of our hands. And Crowbar Collective’s hands. Xen will be released unto the world exactly when The Nihilanth wants and not a second earlier.