Black Ops III gets a multiplayer beta soon, and it may be PS4 exclusive


‘More information coming soon’

[Update:Activision has contacted us to clarify a few points. The beta will be coming to Sony first, but it will be coming to other platforms as well. Pre-ordering will grant you beta access.]

Like most triple-A multiplayer shooters these days, fans won’t actually have to wait until Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIreleases to play it. Well, that’s assuming those fans have a PlayStation 4. If they’re Xbox One owners, waiting may be the only option.

Treyarch recently revealed that there’s a Black Ops IIImultiplayer beta in the works. According to a tweet from the developer, it’ll take place on August 19 and it’s “starting on PS4.” It’s not yet obvious whether the beta will be on both consoles but PS4 has a head start, or if Sony is the sole platform.

We’ll likely find out soon enough, as Treyarch promises more details in the near future. Among the questions left unresolved is exactly what grants access to the beta. Don’t be surprised if a pre-order is the key to getting in. Publishers like to secure those sales as quickly as they possibly can.

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