Blaster Master Zero 2 might get some DLC


I volunteer to be the new Fester

The first thing I did at PAX East yesterday was hit up Matt Papa andTakuya Aizu of Inti Creates about a question I’ve had on my mind ever since they shadow-dropped Blaster Master Zero 2 last week: Will the game get character DLC? The last one featured Shovel Knight and Shantae, two of the most beloved indie icons of the modern era, so where could they go from there?

I had a few specific ideas for them, and I think I may have hit the nail on the head with at least one of them. Whenever someone gives you a “no comment” about a video game they’re working on, chances are you may be on to something.

So, I did an OK job here, but I’m still kicking myself over one thing. Why didn’t I ask them if they could get the rights to include Fester from Fester’s Quest? It’s essentially a Blaster Master spin off, and would be a perfect fit for their latest spooky, ooky, monster-infused outing into the unknown.

The problem, of course, is that getting the rights to Fester would probably be pretty expensive. But you know who’s not expensive at all? This guy right here. I am also bald and tired, just like Fester. Just sayin’.