Blaster Master Zero celebrates 110,000 downloads with free DLC


Oh, and this lovely art

Inti Creates seems to have everything together. They have their pedigree that they can use to get steady work (they developed some great Mega Man games), and have been engaging in a combination of self-publishing and contract work for big publishers for many years.

They also have modest sales goals, fully embodied by their celebration of Blaster Master Zerohitting 110,000 downloads. Since launch they’ve addressed a number of early complaints and added in free DLC to boot, and that trend is going to continue with a new update this week.

In addition to the boss rush there’s also a new true co-op mechanic (not just the reticle mode), as well as more save slots. To kick off the update Inti Creates has shared this new piece of art. Yep, all of this is more than enoughto warrant another playthrough from me.