BlazBlue: Central Fiction announced, Japanese location test starts soon


At least two new characters confirmed

Though I really enjoy the BlazBlue series, I stopped trying to keep up with it a while back. By my count, BlazBlue: Central Fiction marks the sixth update to the series put up for sale since the first game was released in 2008. That’s great for fans with deep pockets, but at this point I’d rather wait until the official, final version of the game is released, with hope that the true sequel to the original to follow will use an all new engine, likeGuiltyGear: Xrd -SIGN-does.

The details on BlazBlue: Central Fiction are still scant, so for all we know, it may end up being the last of its kind for a while. Maybe we’ll hear more about that when the game hits Japanese arcades for location testing on July 18, but I’m guessing that they won’t stop making these relatively minor updates until they stop being profitable. That may never happen, given how passionate the BlazBlue community is.

Blazblue: Central Fiction announced, location tests slated for July 18th[Event Hubs]