BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Special Edition characters will be revealed later this month


Who’s waiting in the wings?

Fighting game developer/publisher Arc System Works has announced that the remaining five mystery characters – headed to BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Special Edition – will be revealed on September 22.

First announced at the EVO 2019 fighting game tournament, Version 2.0 of the crossover fighter will bring about an overhauled UI, a wealth of balance changes, and nine new characters. We already know the first four of these: Senran Kagura’s Yumi, RWBY’s Neo Politan, and Akatsuki and Blitztank from Akatsuki Blitzkampf.

The remaining five fighters will be revealed during an Arc Nama live stream event, which will take place September 22 at 1:00 JST. Whether we see further characters from franchises already in the CTB mix, or characters from new, debuting brands, remains to be seen. You can watch the stream live on the official Arc System Works Twitch channel. The Version 2.0 update is scheduled to launch on November 21. The mechanic overhaul will be free to all players, but the character pack will run you about $25. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is available now on PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.