BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle's producer would like to see NieR: Automata characters in the game


2B and not 2B

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle may have just hit store shelves, but that doesn’t mean the game is finished hyping up players. In an interview with Forbes, BBCT’s producer Toshimichi Mori may have dropped a hint at some possible DLC that will come to the fighter. Along with expressing this love for RWBY (which he also did in 2016 to Forbes), Mori is a self-proclaimed NieR fanatic and would love to see 2B and 9S in Arc System Works’ latest fighter.

The quote comes from a bit where Forbes writer Ollie Barder asked Mori what he had been playing lately. Mori purchased another copy of NieR: Automata on Steam, recently, and had been rediscovering the title. He then jokingly stated, “Hey, we should release 2B and 9S on BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. Yeah, that would be good. I would want to play that. Should I ask them [Square Enix]? Haha.” Later in the interview, Mori did stress, “2B and 9S would be amazing additions. Why didn’t I think of that sooner? I should try asking him though, really.”

As for RWBY characters, Mori seems keen to add Penny and Adam. His exact quote:

Oh yeah, I love RWBY. I think it’s a great property and has a great story. So my love for RWBY hasn’t changed at all. That’s a really difficult question. I mean, I’d love to see Penny in the game. Penny and Adam. Definitely.

The rest of the interview concerns the design process for making a game and whether or not curtailing to fan requests is wise. It is particularly insightful when Mori mentions how a developer should focus more on creating the game they want instead of a game that fans are clamoring for. I suppose that is a hard decision in any medium, though gaming tends to have the loudest fans shouting for virtually everything.

While I, personally, don’t think we’ll be seeing 2B in the game anytime soon, it is fun to speculate on her inclusion.

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