Blazing Chrome looks like a long-lost run-and-gun


Picked up by Dotemu’s new division The Arcade Crew

Blazing Chrome sells itself pretty darn quickly. It’s an authentic-looking retro run-and-gun game from Oniken and Odallus creator JoyMasher in which one player is a resistance fighter and the other is a robot with a mohawk who’s helping to overthrow the bad bots in power. You’re down for that, right?

Don’t answer until you’ve at least seen the trailer:

For Blazing Chrome, JoyMasher is partnering with a new publishing label, The Arcade Crew, which was recently formed under Dotemu (Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, Windjammers, Ys Origin). “The Arcade Crew capitalizes on an existing framework of development and production within Dotemu but retains a different strategy of focusing on producing and publishing new games, whereas Dotemu will retain its core strategy of reviving loved and known franchises from the past,” said CEO Cyrille Imbert.

“The Arcade Crew will harness the existing experience, passion, and infrastructure at Dotemu and integrate it with the creative fire of small development teams – the result will be polished, awesome games with a retro feel that people can pick up and enjoy, just like the games we grew up with.”

Blazing Chrome strikes me as a good first pick. I’m curious to see what else is lined up.