Blind player competes in Street Fighter V tournament, kicks some ass


Sven played as Ken

If you needed a heartwarming story today, this is it.

Over in Spain, the Street Fighter Vcommunity held a tournament called Sonic Boom, and a blind player managed to kick some ass. Known as “Sven,” he managed to use the game’s sound effects to his advantage, and used Ken’s rushdown strength to constantly keep the pressure on his opponent, Musashi, who was commandeering the glass cannon Akuma — he won that bout. Although he didn’t go on to win the tournament, he still plans on competing even more in the future, and I look forward to following his career.

Sven states by way of a post-game interview that he became blind as a child because of cancer, but didn’t give up playing games. He heralds Street Fighter Vs a milestone in sound engineering, stating that with a headset, he can hear the difference between left and right cues, and that after a lengthy period of study he has most of them down.

I had the chance to attend Overwatch‘s sound panel at BlizzCon 2016, and it’s crazy to literally hear how advanced some teams are getting.