Blizzard: 'Butcher is fine at high level Heroes of the Storm play'


Kerrigan is getting a buff

The Butcher has been out for over a week in Heroes of the Storm, so it’s time for win rates to come into play, and a balancing discussion. So far based on my experiences (I got him to a Master Skin two days ago) he is in fact balanced, and can be easily countered in high-level play. Blizzard seems to agree, noting that he has “barely” under a 50% win rate, and that he looks “fine” at all levels.

The higher win rate in lower ranked games is likely because people don’t know how to deal with him yet, but since almost all his abilities can be shut down with the right amount of skill and awareness, better players are figuring him out so to speak. For now though, expect no drastic changes for The Butcher.

Unfortunately, Kerrigan fans were screwed over a bit by this recent patch. In short, it nerfed Blood for Blood and Envenom for all characters, two of Kerrigan’s best skills. Blizzard has directly noted this, and has implied that Kerrigan should have a buff “relatively soon.”

Heroes‘ roster isn’t perfect (poor Stitches), but I’ve found that it’s generally more balanced than any other MOBA I’ve played — I hope Blizzard continues to tweak characters as needed (a factor many MOBA developers let fall to the wayside with bloated rosters).