Blizzard is hiring for Heroes of the Storm, which bodes well for the future of the game


Multiple positions

Heroes of the Storm is coming up on its second year of “maintenance mode,” an era in which Blizzard has greatly reduced the number of people on its development team and has dropped all official esports support. It’s also still one of my most-played games in spite of that shift.

Other than the cadence of new heroes, it’s kinda hard to tell that Heroesis operating with a smaller team. The current outfit has done an amazing job at re-imagining existing events or forging new experiences these past few years, providing balance patches and many character reworks; and when the time came to actually deliver a new hero, they kind of knocked it out of the park.

Well, four positions for the Heroes of the Stormdevelopment team just popped up on the official Blizzard career site (three Senior Software Engineers, one Senior Technical Artist). While this could be the company filling current positions, Blizzard employees have been very vocal about leaving the company though (including Kevin “Cloaken” Johnson, the former “voice of Heroes“), so it seems as if these are augmenting the current team.

In any case, it still shows that the game has fight left in it.

Careers [Blizzard] Thanks Rick!