Blizzard is tweaking Overwatch's Doomfist, who suffers from incredibly low use in competitive play


He needed it

Overwatch has had a Doomfist problem for months, especially in the competitive side. Despite his intriguing fighting game style design people just don’t want to play him, as he has one of the lowest pick rates across all modes.

It’s a combination of things that are scaring off people (his esoteric combo-oriented playstyle, his shortcomings when it comes to gap closing when people know how to counter him, some lingering bugs and hitbox issues), but like I always say — perception is reality. If practically no one is picking your hero, something needs to be give.

Blizzard is doing just that, as they explained on their official forums that he’ll be getting some new changes. Wall slamming logic is improved, cutting back on that hitbox issue I was talking about, rocket punch can demolish breakables, and seismic slam is a little less finicky. The team is currently “investigating” a seismic slam bug and two other bugs related to his rocket punch.

I had the chance to catch the actor who played Doomfist at BlizzCon during a voiceover panel (actor Sahr Ngaujah), and he was the most entrancing member there. He explained how he channeled thework he’s done raising awareness for the diamond trade into the character, and the entire room fell silent as he told his story. Seeing Doomfist (and by proxy, Ngaujah) in Overwatchmore will be a good thing if Blizzard can pull these fixes off.

They’re currently available for testing now in the PTR.

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