Blizzard just did a massive deep dive into World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' art and it's beautiful


That’s a lotta art

Playing World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, I was constantly in awe of the scenery. I mean, just look at the screenshots I took for my review!

Each zone was mesmerizing in its own way. Bastion was a literal city in the clouds and the aesthetics reflected its undying hope.Maldraxxus was dark and dreary, but ready for war at a moment’s notice: the lush greens were evocative of the envy of some of its denizens. Ardenweald is breathtaking (just like you!) and has slowly become one of my favorite zones to roam around in. And Revendreth: it’s vampire burg, enough said. That gothic architecture is kissy fingers perfect.

Blizzard knows that they knocked it out of the park when it comes to Shadowlands‘ art, so they’ve set up a huge deep dive on Artstation for everyone to take a gander at. This is basically a free “art book” online, compliments of Jeff Parrott, senior art manager onWorld of Warcraft.

In it, they take us all on a journey throughout all of the zones I mentioned above, as well as a number of character and weapon designs. It’s extremely expansive! I’m talking over 100 pieces of art, with individual breakdowns of which artist worked on each piece. I especially love seeing how the concept art measures up to the in-game reality.

For reference, Blizzard is calling this “part one,” so there’s more to come. Having seen most of whatShadowlandshas to offer these past few weeks, I can attest to that! There’s so much more to explore.

Blizzard Entertainment World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Art Blast (Part One) [Artstation]