Blizzard: No crossplay, Mac port for Overwatch


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Blizzard’s new first-person shooter Overwatchmay be coming to consoles, but Mac OS users are being left out in the cold. According to game director Jeff Kaplan, unspecified technical hurdles with the Mac ecosystem are limiting the PC release to just Windows computers for now.

“Currently with the technology behind Macs and the wayOverwatchruns it’s just too challenging for us at this point to support it,” Kaplan said at BlizzCon, the studio’s annual convention in Anaheim, California. “Our focus right now is entirely on [Windows], Xbox One and PlayStation 4.”

For those hoping to play with friends across the supported platforms (àla Rocket League or the upcoming Street Fighter V), you’re out of luck too. Kaplan addedthat Blizzard has no plans for PC-to-console crossplay, saying the individual platforms are “their own ecosystems.”

The shooter is expected to launch next spring. More details about its pricing can be found here.

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